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Whether you are looking for homes in a specific neighborhood or zip code, homes designated to a certain school, or just looking to find homes that match your sense of style, we can help!


Meet For a Buyer Consultation

We will work directly with you to determine exactly what you are looking for in a property. Our main goal is to deliver superior value to you as our client. Our mission and top priority are to be consumer champions and serve you as our client. Over the years, we have learned that the only way to fully deliver the value our clients deserve is to bring in a team of specialists to assist with the various details of a transaction. Our goal is to save you up to tens of thousands of dollars across the entire home buying experience, not just when we are searching for a property.

View Properties Together

Once we get all the details on your ideal property, we will search the MLS and find the best current listings available for your review, as well as tap into our network for any off-market, ``Coming soon`` or ``pocket`` listings. By maintaining ongoing communication with you and my direct involvement along the way, you get the best of both worlds, one-to-one expertise at every step with our team and my personal guidance throughout the entire process.


Make an Offer on Your Dream Home

Once you decide which home you love and all parties reach an agreement and open escrow, you will be working directly with our transaction coordinator. She knows the real estate business inside and out and she will guide you through all of the inspections, the appraisal and other steps needed to close escrow.

Closing - Get the Keys to Your New Home!

Your dream home is finally yours! To make the transition into your next location safe and enjoyable, there are a few things we recommend doing once you close. First, change the locks. Replace the manual lock sets on all the home’s exterior entry doors. Don’t forget about any doors connecting an enclosed garage, greenhouse or pool to the main part of your home. Second, update your address. Supply your employer, financial intuitions, loan companies, insurance providers, utilities and any business you frequently make payments to with your updated contact details. Luckily, much of this work can be completed online. Lastly, be social! Pick some flowers from your garden or make a batch of cookies and head out to meet your new neighbors. Exchange names and phone numbers, and ask about neighborhood social gatherings. If you have children, you could also inquire about playgroups in the area. Settling down into your new house shouldn’t be stressful, so after you get those new keys, sit down and relax awhile!

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